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Project "Water and sewage management in Toruń"
- I stage

Approved by the Representation of the European Commission project titled: "Water and sewage management in Toruń" which value is ca 100 million Euro consists of 16 contracts – 10 of them are work contacts and 6 of them are service contracts.
Implementing the Project will make possible:
- the modernisation of the drinking water treatment plant "Drwęca - Jedwabno",
- the construction of the approx 252 km sanitary and stormwater sewage system,
- replacement of 17.5 km of asbestos cement drinking water distribution pipes and
- the construction of approx 62.5 km pipeline sections connecting private properties with the main sewage network.
The construction of sewage systems on land which is not drained so far will allow the liquidation of approx ca 4 000 of cesspools, from which pollutants penetrate into the underground water ways.
The construction of a stormwater pre-treatment plant located at the outlets of existing stormwater drains will also contribute to the distinct improvement in the purity of surface waters.

From the beginning of the implementation of the Project (between: October 2003 and September 2007):
- 175,6 km of sanitary and rainwater sewage system was built
- 20,1 km of pipeline sections connecting service lines with main sewage system
- 14 km of asbestos-cement water pipes were replaced
- A sewer was constructed across the Vistula River together with central intermediate pumping station for sewers of southern Toruń
- Two of three existing outlets, which discharges raw sewers to the Vistula were closed down
- 2 work contacts and 2 service contracts were finished.

Plan for 2007 is establishing:

- Construction of 83,6 km of the sanitary and rainwater sewage system
- Construction of 23 km of pipeline sections connecting service lines with the main sewage system
- Replacement of 5.4 km of asbestos-cement pipes

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